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about me

Hey. I'm Dani or Daniel. You call also call me Soul or Box or Nier or Nahobino or Magatama or Amala or Fiend or... um... I guess I'm a bit of a "name hoarder". Honestly I didn't think about that until now lol.

I've been online for as long as I can remember, starting with stuff such as early deviantArt, early Neopets, the original Sims, Sonic 3D Blast, and more. I began tinkering with HTML / CSS back in my ol' Neopets days and the hobby grew from there.

As for other creative pursuits, I was mostly an artist but I have to pick up the hobby again... Still, I love character design and world-building. I'm trying to write too but I'm not good at it. Music is also fun to learn however, the learning process is a long one. Most of my "songs" right now are just harsh noise and ambient sounds. Still fun though.

I'm a very solitary person for the most part. I leave the comfortable walls of my bedroom to go work as a florist.

I am diagnosed with Schizo-affective Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Autism. Our headmates are a part of this webspace too. Fairly dissociative and amnesic. Collectively, we call ourselves "The Cage".

I have communication and sensory issues as well as mutism. Socially awkward, sometimes overbearing and wordy, and quite blunt about my needs and opinions.

In contrast, I can go radio silent and avoid all communication for some time. Don't worry about it. I might use tone tags "(/joke)" in text if I feel as though my words could be misinterpreted but it's nothing anybody has to do for me, personally. I'll always ask for clarification if I'm misunderstanding something.

I tend to be very passionate and empathetic about my interests, the biggest ones I refer to as my "home". Working towards reconnecting with my spirituality or beliefs which is a very important thing to me.

"Androgynous" or "androgynous man" are good descriptors for my expression but it's whatever and I won't be correcting you in any case. My pronouns might change a little from time to time.

I don't think I can describe all of myself in a single summary; there's just too much going on in the noggin'. Maybe think about your favorite edgy, weird, or grumpy anime character and that's probably me.

character artwork of the human protagonist from the video game shin megami tensei v
name: dani, daniel.
age: 28 years.
orient: queer.
trait: introvert.
belief: panentheism.
horoscope: pisces.
align: chaotic neutral.


> Megami Tensei
> Drakengard / NieR
> Philosophy, religion
> Microbiology
> Collecting, archival
> Learning random things


> Breakcore, Jungle
> Speedcore, Gabber
> Jazz Fusion
> Rock, Metal
> Underground Rap
> Video Game OSTs


> Gurren Lagann
> P3M
> Tokyo Ghoul
> Code Geass
> Junji Ito
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