Lightning by Buster Nalmi (Tsugihagi Records)

If you love speedcore, then I highly recommend this album. I loved the songs so much, that I had to get the physical CD, which also comes with bonus tracks. Please, check out their music and support this artist. [bandcamp]

ASTROANTEDILUVIAN by Darius (Halley Labs)

(Warning, a number of Halley Labs albums are going to be on this list haha.) Darius is my favorite alias from Halley Labs and it was really a close tie between this album and Exuviae, but I think this one takes the cake. Funky, progressive jazzy tunes that'll send you into a completely different world. [bandcamp]

ZheleNaught by Feryquitous (Diverse System)

Looking for some artcore, then look no further than the artist, Feryquitous. A bit torn between this album and Saqriphrx, but ZheleNaught wins by just a little bit. Honestly, all of Feryquitous' albums are fantastic and I suggest you give them a listen. [bandcamp]

MIXPEED ACTION by Kobaryo (Psycho Filth Records)

To be honest, I love all of Kobaryo's music lol. Another speedcore master that if you haven't heard of, then you do now and you should go listen to their music. [bandcamp]

Motorway by Fearofdark

In all honesty, I don't like chiptune all that much. I hardly listen to it, but Fearofdark's Motorway is one chiptune album that I love. Jazz fusion tunes perfect for chilling during long drives. [bandcamp]


I don't have a favorite album at the moment, but please, support this artist. If you're lookin' for some electronic jazz and drum n' bass, well, you're at the right place. I promise, you will not regret it. [bandcamp]