Nothing professional. Just some of my thoughts on each one of my figures.


My third Nendoroid and I got him from Amazon. Sculptor is Shichibee. Comes with two additional face plates, a variety of arms and hands, an AK-47 and pistol, a cigarette, lighter, and necklace. The pose I have him in as I'm typing this out is him having his cigarette in his mouth and I really like how you can do that, haha. I guess if there's one thing about nendoroids is the attention to detail and successfully capturing as much of the character's personality as possible. One of the reason why um... I prefer Nendoroids over Funko Pops. Another nendoroid where you can create a few scenarios with him. Yet, I would say, in my opinion, not to the same extent as the Joker (P5) nendoroid. Still amazing though.


My second Nendoroid. A lucky buy from ebay- I think so anyways. Sculptor is Shichibee and he is downright adorable and can steal my heart any day (that was bad, I know). Comes with a variety of hands, legs, his gun, his knife, another face plate, his mask (for his face and for his hand to hold), and red eyes and grey eyes for his face mask. I love him and that's really... it. lol. I love how you can switch the eyes for his mask. Plenty of different ideas for poses and expressions. Love the detail in his hair and his cloak. A great Nendoroid where you can create a lot of different action scenes with him.


My first ever Nendoroid. Bought him from Gamestop for around 30-40 USD. Unfortunately, I threw away the box (I wasn't thinking), but this nendoroid is legit. Sculptor is Nakamura Fumitoshi. My thoughts? Pretty nice figure. Very smooth, as nendoroids are, and got the shine on his shoes. My figure either didn't come with the additional face plates and items or perhaps I accidently threw them away. :x I can't remember. Again, like an idiot, I tossed the box. However, my Sonic the Hedgehog has a chaos emerald, ring, and additional hands. He's adorable and vibrant.