Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann // Gurren Lagann

Got to rewatch but from what I remember, this anime was such an emotional rollercoaster (and I don't mean that in a bad way at all). Fantastic art style and animation, great characters, and great story. It's one of my top animes of all time.

Sōru Ītā // Soul Eater

Another anime on the rewatch list, but I really enjoyed it when I first saw it. I love the art style and animation very much. Had to get the soundtrack too, it's great.

Hataraku Saibou // Cells at Work!

Man, I love this anime so much. It's adventurous, dramatic, silly, and teaches you a lot about the human body. It does get serious at times as well, but overall, it's a fun experience. I really admire the character designs of each cell... except for one, lol. This anime reminds me of my old interest in human anatomy. I think I should go back to that.

Hataraku Saibō! Burakku // Cells at Work! CODE BLACK

A much darker, bloodier Cells at Work. The genders of the main characters have switched. You seem to follow the body of a man who isn't taking good care of his body. I love dark shit, so yeah I'm digging it. There is one episode that I found particularly laughable, but it's still a pretty good anime.

Hipunoshisu Maiku: Division Rap Battle // Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle

Ok I'm sorry, I laughed at this anime so much. Leave it to Japan to turn the rap battle concept into something outrageous. But hey, that's what makes it so fun to watch and you got to admit, the music is the shit. I want to buy the albums so bad. Another great thing is the amazing 3D animation for the main characters when they rap. It's fun, the music is banging, and the characters are as colorful as ever.


A horror anime. I'm not a horror connoisseur or anything (especially on anime), so I found a horror story that takes me in a school kind of interesting. A good story, I really enjoyed this one.